Solar Car Batteries and Charging Scheme

Solar car battery charger is an automotive accessory that has taken the market by storm-literally. It is an equipment that charges your car’s battery on a regular basis even while your vehicle is not in use. If you’ve experienced going on a holiday and going home to a flat battery, then this is the equipment that is right for you best car battery charger near me.

To better understand solar car battery chargers, let me explain to you the charging scheme:

A battery charger (for vehicles or otherwise) has three main functions: (1) getting the charge into the battery or charging; (2) optimizing the charging rate or stabilizing; and (3) knowing when to stop charging or terminating. The entire charging process is a combination of the charging and termination methods. These are the two key functions.

It is important that when a battery is fully charged, the charging current has to be dispersed. Heat and gases are products of this dissipation which are both bad for your battery. The essence of good charging lies on the charger’s ability to detect when the active chemicals on the battery are already reconstituted and preventing more current to pass through while maintaining cell temperature within its safe boundaries. This process is very critical as it greatly determines your battery life.

Fast chargers endanger your battery’s mileage as the risk of overcharging is greater. There is always the possibility that electrical energy pumped into the battery will be faster than the chemical process to react to it which further results to more damages.

With solar car battery chargers, you do not have to worry about your car battery being overcharged. These chargers runs on the principle of ‘trickle’ charges which, when plugged in, only supplies a minimal amount of current to maintain your battery and keep it up to speed. Batteries are not like candles that last longer when not used. On the contrary, batteries deteriorate more with infrequent use and short trips during cold weather. If the battery discharges and the cables are still connected, it can damage further the battery. For this reason, your car batteries need to be maintained although you are not using your vehicle.

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